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About Utpal Pandya, PhD

Utpal understands when it comes to buying and selling real estate, things can get complicated. His goal is to take the pressure off of his buyers and sellers, so they can enjoy the experience, and live out the dreams they are striving for. As a Realtor®, Utpal believes it is his duty to positively impact others while they navigate the real estate process.

Many times Realtors® see each customer as a transaction, however you are a real person with real estate needs and a desire to be appreciated and understood. Utpal is here to guide you through the process, listen, truly listen to you, and understand your needs and desires. He wants you to feel comfortable in asking questions when you have them.

While real estate takes education and training it isn't rocket science, but if it were Utpal would still be qualified to help you. He has been actively involved in three successful missions to space with biological projects. His experience in working with all kinds of people including backgrounds in research, academia, NASA, as well as the research for his own PhD shows that not only he is a hard worker, but he is effective when working with others and listening to objectives and goals. Utpal uses these skills in his real estate career, listening to your objectives/goals, identifying any issues (if any exist) and smoothly and tactfully fulfilling your goals.

Finding you the home that meets your needs is his daily career goal. All you need to do is call him today, schedule a sit down with him, and let him listen. After that, he will guide you through the next steps. Only thing you have to do is to take THE FIRST STEP by calling, texting or emailing him today, so you can start making your dreams a reality. Utpal will help with all the rest! Call today! 409.256.1434